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Positive Players Sports
AAU Coaching Philosophy

Positive Players Sports AAU Coaching Staff and Program offers among the most talented and successful coaches in Basketball. PPS is changing how AAU Basketball Teams and Coaches help players with not only skill development, college recruiting, academic plans & consultations, but PPS also emphasizes the importance of a positive attitude & mental approach which is necessary to be successful at whatever a player next level is. PPS is unmatched by proven successful coaches who are role models, educators, mental health counselors, and teachers. Too many AAU programs turn the other way when a coach is yelling at their players, and refs, and conducting themselves in a manner that is negative and not positive. Positive Players Sports helps players to develop elite basketball skills and a positive attitude to be successful by modeling, building relationships with players, and helping players to understand that Staying Positive in adverse situations is what separates average players from the great ones, talented players from those who get recruited, over confident players from those who exhibit an inner persistence to be great!


Positive Players Sports: Coaches

Our AAU coaches have nearly 100 years of experience with coaching at the youth, high school, and college levels. Between them they have won 4 state championships at the boys and girls level, multiple MIAA Coach of the Year and Boston Globe Coach of the Year Awards. PPS Coaches emphasize strong elite skill development, team play, sportsmanship, and developing the skills and attitude a player needs to reach the next level. Our Coaches have worked with Youth, High School, Prep School, & College Players who have reached the next level of play; including high school all-stars and Division I, II, & III College Players

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Meet the Coaches

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