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Basketball Instructional Skills Sessions

Register for small group or 1:1 skills sessions for all levels of play. Elite basketball players who excel at the high school level, Division I, II, or III college or beyond will benefit from our elite instruction. Our staff has provided 1:1 & small group skills instruction to college scholarship Division I players and the NBA. Post Players will learn advanced footwork and post-moves, step thru, up & under, step backs, rip thru drives etc. Perimeter Players will learn step back jumpers, side step jumpers, double step backs, creating shooting space off of the catch and dribble series, quick shot release and more. Guards will learn variation of the in/out dribble series, advanced crossovers working on ball placement and footwork, between legs and behind back combo dribbles, spin moves, creating space off dribble etc. Elementary, middle, and high school players will receive instruction at a level they can understand to enhance their level and skills.

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Elite Instruction College

Click on our Youtube site and watch elite 7 Ft. forward/center for Syracuse University receive instruction

Click PPS logo to see video

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Elite Instruction Pro & NBA

Click on our Youtube and watch NBA player Pat Connaughton learn the double step back jumper with Skills Coach Rick Martin

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1:1 Player Development

Direct 1:1 Instruction at all levels

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Small Group Instruction

Small group instruction 

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Dribbling & Ball Handling Instruction

Learn the attack dribble series off the dribble, creating space agains full court pressure, pull-up off the dribble, Dribbling & ball handling drills to improve your handle, muscle memory, and quickness

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Perimeter & Post Moves

Post Moves with back to the basket, rip thru, up & under, step backs, Olajuwon, McHale, & Sikma post series. Perimeter catch & shoot, pivot, step backs, side steps, power jumpers, increase 3 pt. range and much more!

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Syracuse University Peter Carey regularly attends Elite Skills Sessions at Game On and at Franklin County Tech School with Rick Martin from Positive Players Sports. Peter is a 7ft. forward and will be attending Syracuse University on a full basketball scholarship. Peter is a unique 7ft. player with elite speed and quickness, jumping ability, and elite shot blocking ability. He handles the ball like a point guard and has a deadly mid-range jump shot.

QUOTE: "Coach Rick has taught me elite skills to develop & perfect details of my game within my control as well as; dribbling, offensive moves off the dribble and catch, perimeter play, and especially my footwork and post play. Coach Rick is perhaps the best elite basketball skills coach in the game today"
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